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Where did the name Three Rivers come from?

Where did the name Three Rivers come from?

I am constantly asked this question and eventually realized that I would need to share this very personal testimony.

In 2013, after many years of working for other brokerages as a salesperson and then a Broker/Associate, a desire to own my own brokerage began to grow. I had this desire for many years but, like many other agents, I became comfortable and the thought of starting a new company made me feel tired. But, as this desire grew, I began to imagine what would this brokerage look like and most of all what would I name it?

I grew up in a “ministry family”. My parents were my Pastors. My Grandparents were Pastors and many of my extended family served as ministers. While compelled at times to go into the “ministry” myself, I never felt compelled to become a missionary, so … I entered the marketplace and obtained a real estate license.

This decision became an inner struggle that I lived with for many years and the way that I explained it to myself and family, was that I had (2) rivers flowing in me… Ministry and Marketplace.

As Jesus said:

John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

I referred to these “rivers” as a calling.

So it was a natural thought that came to me when I dreamed  of the name of my desired company … I’ll name it “Two Rivers”. However, I soon discovered that a new real estate company called Two Rivers had opened in my area and I found myself with a new dilemma. Day after day passed while I thought on different names and finally decided to go with a generic name.

Without sounding too “spooky”, one night towards the end of 2013 as I was preparing the details for the new company I had a dream and upon waking I sensed God speak these words to my heart… “You always thought that you had 2 rivers flowing within you, but you actually have 3 rivers: Ministry, Marketplace and Management.”

Three Rivers Real Estate was called and birthed.

I embrace this name more and more every day and am very thankful and grateful for the (40+) agents that I have the honor of managing.

My mission is to empower these agents to be the most knowledgeable, confident, successful and independent real estate professionals in our market.

Tena Myers (Owner/Broker)

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