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Tiwana Cantrell


About Tiwana Cantrell

Tiwana Cantrell is from Milwaukee, WI.  She moved here in 2004 right before Hurricane Katrina, and currently resides in Florence, MS.  She is married to Nathan Cantrell, who she met at The Clarion Ledger.  Several years later she worked with Clinton Public School District, as a reading assistant.  She currently works for Mississippi College School of Law and has been there for 11 years.  She has a son, Corey, who resides in Milwaukee, WI.  She also has 3 Grandchildren: Armonii, Za’Brina and Carmello, and 3 dogs (Rex, Chelsea, and Bella). Tiwana enjoys helping others no matter how big or small the task may be and spending time with her husband.  Tiwana has a green thumb and is known as the ‘Plant Lady’ amongst friends and family.  Tiwana loves gardening, cleaning, and participating in local community work, such as picking up litter and encourages everyone not to litter. Tiwana can’t wait to assist you with your real estate needs.